MY Service
MS Office, Hardware & Software Trouble, Graphics Design, Webpage Design, Digital Content and Freelancing Market place
Microsoft Office
Training is provided on package programs as well as official work under Microsoft Office'2010/2013. Moreover, practical ideas about receiving and sending internet are given.
Hardware & Software Trouble
Provides training on Windows operating system, office and other software installation. Computer hardware and software are given ideas about various problems.
Graphics Design
Training on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design. Ideas on Web banners, Business cards, Brochures, Logo design, Cover page creation, Portfolio, Thumbnail and Gig creation are given.
Webpage Design
Basic concepts on HTML, CSS, Joomla ‍JavaScript are provided. In addition, training is provided on Bootstrap installation and customization, WordPress installation and theme setup.
Digital Content
Students studying primary, secondary and college are provided with practical ideas on how to create useful digital content. Subject-based training is provided for creating content on their own.
Freelancing Market Place
Provide ideas on creating profiles suitable for working in different marketplaces. It also provides information on how to beat the job, send buyer requests and deliver the work.